Treasures in the ground

Treasures in the ground

My name is Carly Blake, I’m a Community Health Aide. 

I plant um, turnips, just because I really like the turnip greens. Those are my favourite. I plant cabbage, turnip, potatoes and carrots.

I do have another separate area–a strawberry garden.

Oh I grow lettuce too! I grow romaine lettuce, because its easy to grow, um peas, and last year I tried to grow brussel sprouts and broccoli. Broccoli is really easy to grow, too.

I do it um, because  I, I do enjoy it, and, and plus I do it with my kids. With my family. You know it’s a, we’ll go up there in the Spring time and spend the whole Spring getting the garden ready and that, and...Or else, like, they might even help to plant the seeds and later on in the, in the Summer they’ll help me gather kelp, and stuff like that. And in the Fall they’ll help to dig up the vegetables.

It’s just fun. Digging potatoes, like, looking for treasures in the ground. Yeah.

People, for, even myself for example like, I would be proud to have grown something and I would bring it...Um, I know before I brought carrots here, and I would give them to the daycare children to try.

Like, you’re so proud you want people to see it. And, things like that, or I ‘d bring strawberries for people to try and stuff, and it’s so, it's such a good feeling inside to, to know that you’ve grown this. You’ve worked, and, and you can grow this.