This place

This place

This place. This is where I’m from, this is where I need to be to feel like myself.

And, you can try to describe it but you, sometimes you don’t feel you’re doing it justice. It’s like…it’s Rigolet! It’s Labrador! 

It's...It’s where you feel at peace and you’re like, almost one with the land, cause you know that, cause the places that you do go to is places you’ve been for generations. Like, I know where this point of land is to, and I know...this is where my grandfather and grandmother went in summers for years and years and years.

And…I can’t even imagine living in, like a city. I would miss the water. On a hot day and the wind comes in and cools off the town and its like, “Phew.” That sigh of relief sort of thing?

I mean, just to see the water to feel peaceful. Or to feel calm. Like, I’d rather just be home.