The bread story

The bread story

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So I’m going to go over to my cousin’s. Just over here. They might not have bread today.

I’m Kitura Solomon.

If it wasn’t for the Food Security Network and Regina Dicker, I wouldn’t even know how to cook properly for my family.

Regina Dicker is our instructor, and she’s the best. She's helped me a lot.

I seen a lot of stuff. My childhood was not very good. I was in and out of group homes for 6 years, because of their drinking and abuse that was in the house, and that, that’s why I always broke the law. Just to get away from Nain. Like, I did a lot of drinking. Yeah.

But when I found out I was pregnant, I said, “I can’t go on living like this. It’s not for me anymore, it's for my baby inside me" and...Everything changed.

Being a single mother, it was hard. But I’m…And I knows I raised them good on my own. And they are who they are today because of the way I grew them up.

Gotta respect your elders, and, gotta respect your church. You gotta respect one another. Those are the things that my mother taught me. Yeah.

Everything changed for me the day my son was born, 23 years ago. That makes myself sound right old!


We made bread here at the cooking class, and I told Regina, "That's too much for me, that's...I’m going to have to give some out.”

So, on my way home from the cooking class that day I just dropped by some seniors’ homes and gave them a loaf of bread because, like I, didn’t know if they were going to eat that day, or if they can afford the flour, or, like that breaks my heart and...They just told me, “Nakummek, Nakummek, thank you, thank you.”

So, yeah. I wanted to cry. Just to help somebody out. If I won’t help em who will? That’s all I think about. So, I gotta help them out in any way I can.

Even for that just one moment, Like when I handed out that bread, I could see their happiness in their eyes. That helped a lot.

I made 11 loaves of bread but I went home with two, and that was enough. Because that would last us at least four days. And it was delicious it. I made it.

My daughter loved it more, like, she said, “Oh my god, mom, is this your bread? The one you made?”

I said, "Yup." And...They just loved the thought that I made bread for them, and I told them the story about me making 11 loaves of bread and I came home with two for you guys, and gave out the rest.

Just going to feed a couple seniors today. I'm, planning on giving most of this bread away today, because I know it’s that time of the month where they won’t be able to afford flour or bread today.

With this cooking class I could make a difference, even for just that one moment. Cause I’ll be feeding them, what I cooked.

I hope they’re home. Oh their skidoo is there. No one home? Tv is on though. Oh! She’s coming now.

Hi, can we come in? I come to drop off a loaf of bread to you. Yeah it’s still warm.

I’m just glad that I got a chance to go to these cooking classes with Regina. Because I didn’t know how to properly cook before. But, I kinda know where I’m going now in feeding my family properly, and healthier food, and...Yeah.

Anyway I must get going home, it’s time to cook supper.