That was my treat

That was my treat

When you were a little girl, what was your favourite treat to eat?

Oh, I don’t know.

Oh, I know, mine was, um…boiled cod liver. It’s called Siva.

I, I made some for seniors last summer.  Um...You uh, get the cod liver and then you mush it til it's all like, gooey, or whatever, and then you use cast iron pot, and then you keep simmering until, uh, like you keep taking the grease from the top until what’s left on the bottom that’s, and that’s what we eat.

And then my favourite is to have it with uh, dried capelin. That was, that was, no that was my treat. Or, uh, dried cod or dried rock cod and with blackberries. It, it could, it was a, it was a dessert.

Blackberries with siva.