Gosh, it's gone

Gosh, it's gone

Our people are starting to realize, ah, how important it is to eat well. And what I’ve noticed is that they’re buying more fruits and vegetables, yogurts and milk, and fresh produce.

And...flax seed is, it’s a big thing.

Oh yes!


So there was flax seed at the store that wasn’t moving at all and the, the manager wasn’t too pleased because we had been after him to have healthier options available for our community because what was there was...it could’ve been better.

So, we kinda lobbied him incessantly for a while and he did order, order it in, and then he said, “Well, it’s not selling.”

So I happened to be having a bag, I bought a bag for myself, and I was in the lineup at the store. And it was quite a long lineup. So you’re all chit-chatting and,  and “What are you cooking?” And things like that. And they said, “Oh what’s that? I sees that on the shelf all the time, but...”

So just in the lineup at the store I explained to a few people what it was, the benefits of it, and how you can use it, and what you can put it in and then I think it was probably 6 months later, I went to go buy another bag and I was like, “Gosh, its gone.”

So I went and asked about it and the manager said, he said, “That stuff wouldn’t move forever, and then it just sold like hot cakes.” And they can’t seem to keep it on the shelf yet.

So I’ve promoted it all the time and as well as the cooking program promotes it, so the word is out there.

Yes, it is.

I see a difference in people. I see people’s health starting to change,  and people are more aware of, um, good nutrition, and they’re actually passing it on to their children. So it’s actually starting in the next generation. I don’t think you can ask any better than that.