Well, it's really cold

Well, it's really cold

Okay, this is arctic char that’s actually from the fish plant here in Nain. Um, it's shipped up through a Nunatsiavut Government program. Um, where char is provided to the community freezers down the coast. 

Um, then we have moose meat that is actually from moose that, um, are harvested in Gros Morne National Park. Um, there’s 49 moose harvested and then they’re butchered and shipped up the coast and distributed down the coast.

And then, this is polar bear meat from the polar bear harvest that has taken place this month.

And then the rest of the stuff in here is actually scientific samples to be sent out for a variety of different programs.

Well, it’s really cold!


That’s good!

It’s -20 here.

I’m Rod Lang I’m the Research Manager with the Nunatsiavut Government.

Cool. And what were you just showing us?

Uh, the Community Freezer. Um, we have a fridge and freezer portion to it.